Setting up Outlook for eMail

1. Under tools select Account Settings

2. Select New Account

3. Select POP3 as the type

4. Select “Manually configure server settings” Select Next.

5. Select Internet E-Mail

6. Below are the settings. Replace the John Doe settings with your email address and information. (Don’t test the Account Settings yet)

Email Settings for Outlook 1

7. Click on More Settings and then Outgoing Server where you’ll find the following screens and you’ll need to change your info accordingly.

Email Settings for Outlook 2

8. Click on the Advanced Tab and change the port settings accordingly.

Email Settings for Outlook 3

9. Click OK and return to the previous screen. At this point you can click on Test Account Settings, which should login and send a test email. If you get an error check your username and password information to be sure it’s correct.

10. Your email should be up and running at this point.

If you have issues that can’t be resolved send us an email at or call Jim at 270-339-2220.

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